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Cloud Transcoder Beta Now Available

Cloud Transcoder Beta Now Available

Radio Mast Cloud Transcoder is a new product that allows you to transcode any Icecast or Shoutcast stream to a new bitrate or codec and rebroadcast it out to a new stream. After many months of internal testing, we're now pleased to unveil a public beta.

One of the unique features of Radio Mast Cloud Transcoder is that it keeps your in-stream metadata intact, so that your Now Playing metadata in your transcoded streams remains synchronized and accurate. Your listeners will get the same precise metadata no matter which stream they're listening to.

To enhance the reliability of your online streaming, Radio Mast Cloud Transcoder can be deployed in up to three available datacenter regions (San Francisco, Toronto, and New York). We recommend choosing the data center closest to your stream origin and listeners. For high availability setups, transcoders can be deployed in multiple regions. (Need a transcoder outside of North America? Let us know because we'd love to expand.)

If you're interested in trying Radio Mast Cloud Transcoder, we invite you to sign up here, and we'll enable Cloud Transcoder on your account.

Here's some ways Cloud Transcoder can benefit your radio station:

  • Reduce your on-site bandwidth usage and stream resilience during network congestion by sending only a single stream to the internet, and transcoding to lower bitrates in the cloud. Reducing your bandwidth usage can reduce your stream dropouts.

  • Experiment with new codecs and bitrates that are not supported by your existing encoder. Radio Mast Cloud Transcoder can use your existing stream as input, you can experiment without risking any changes to your current encoder setup.

  • Reduce single points of failure by replacing a legacy on-premise transcoder with a high-availability Cloud Transcoder setup, with redundant transcoders in multiple datacenters.

Read more about the features and codecs supported by Radio Mast Cloud Transcoder.