Stream Monitoring

Monitor your online radio stream

Silence detection and monitoring for Icecast and Shoutcast

Catch dead air. Get back on air faster.

Silence detection and email alerts help you get your broadcast back on air faster. Don't risk waiting for your listeners to report problems.

A screenshot showing the status of multiple streams in Radio Mast.
See the status and uptime of all your streams at a glance.
A screenshot of Radio Mast showing the uptime percentages and event history of a radio stream.
Your monitoring history includes all detected outages and recordings of any detected silence, so you can audit and troubleshoot it.

Uptime Stats, History, and Analysis

Find out your true stream uptime so you can be confident you're being heard.

Radio Mast performs a series of tests on your radio stream every minute, and keeps those results for 3 months.

When Radio Mast detects a problem, we automatically perform a root cause analysis to determine the source of the outage and give you a head start on fixing it:

A screenshot of an example root cause analysis by Radio Mast. The individual stream is down but the streaming server is online, so the encoder is likely disconnected.

Email, Slack, and PagerDuty alerts

Get downtime alerts straight to your email inbox or via Slack or notify your team via PagerDuty.

Customizable alerting policies and thresholds can be combined to alert more people as downtime incidents gets longer.

Read more about Slack alerting.

Read more about PagerDuty alerting.

A screenshot of an email alert and a Slack alert from Radio Mast.
Top: A downtime email alert.
Bottom: An Slack downtime alert.

Monitoring Features

Silence Detector

Get alerted about silence in your stream within 60 seconds. Configurable volume thresholds and durations let you customize it for your stream's audio to eliminate false alarms.

Stream Uptime Monitoring

See your 24 hour, 7 day, and 30 day radio stream uptime. Uptime is measured every 60 seconds.


Radio Mast monitors Icecast, Shoutcast, RSAS, and other HTTP audio streams. Compatible stream providers include leanStream, Live365, and more!

Alert Policies

Customize your downtime thresholds so you only get alerts when you need to take action.

Unlimited Alerting Contacts

Add multiple alerting contacts to ensure the right people get notified when there's a problem.


Detected silence is recorded to help you identify what went wrong and audit silence thresholds.

✔️ Over 35,000,000 stream checks performed

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