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Our proprietary Icecast-compatible streaming network offers industry-leading reliability and compatibility with Ogg Opus (including metadata), to deliver the highest quality streams to your listeners.


Radio Mast is a complete Opus streaming ecosystem:

Streaming Opus Encoder

Our streaming audio encoder, Rocket Broadcaster, creates rock solid Ogg Opus audio streams, is used by thousands of radio stations globally. Turn any live audio into an Opus stream with Rocket Broadcaster.

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Opus Stream Hosting

Radio Mast provides Opus stream hosting for radio and live events. Our unique streaming network globally distributes your stream to provide reduce dropouts and provide a stutter-free experience for your listeners.

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Opus Stream Monitoring

Get instant downtime alerts when your stream is down. Let our silence detector notify your engineering staff when your Opus stream is down.

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Advantages of Opus over MP3 Streaming

Ogg Opus is an open source codec that offers excellent sound quality at very low bitrates. This lowers the cost of delivery for you, and improves the reliability and perceived quality by listeners. (At lower bitrates, dropouts and buffering are less frequent.)

Opus is compatible with most desktop web browsers, Android phones, and smart speakers. Support is available on iOS via radio apps.

Streaming Opus with Metadata

For Ogg streams, there are two different ways to insert metadata into a stream. The first approach injects metadata into the Ogg audio packets, and is poorly supported by players. The second approach is to insert metadata into the Icecast HTTP stream, which is universally supported by players. However, Icecast does not support this metadata mechanism for Ogg streams, leaving most Opus streams without metadata available for listeners.

Fortunately, we've developed our own innovative streaming server technology which brings you the best of both worlds, allowing Icecast metadata to be inserted into an Ogg Opus stream. This allows players to properly receive Ogg Opus metadata for the first time.

Having problems with Ogg Opus metadata on your radio stream? Try Radio Mast today.

Why does Opus need Ogg?

Before an Opus stream can be transmitted over the internet, it needs to be packed into a container format that provides additional information about the Opus stream. Opus itself is just an algorithm for compressing and decompressing digital audio (a "codec").

Ogg is a container format designed for carrying streaming audio on the internet, and combined with Opus, makes a fully packaged stream ready to be played by listeners.


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Introducing Ogg Vorbis and Opus Streaming

Learn how to configure a stream for Ogg Opus on Radio Mast.

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  • 400 listener slots
  • Up to 192 kbps
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  • 800 listener slots
  • Up to 192 kbps
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  • 1600 listener slots
  • Up to 192 kbps
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All streaming plans include:
Best-in-class Compatibility
  • Stream as AAC, AAC+, HE-AAC v1, MP3, Opus, Ogg Vorbis
  • Secure HTTPS streaming - No broken lock symbols
  • Playback on iOS, Android, desktop browsers, smart speakers, and more.
Superior Reliability
  • 99.99% Uptime SLA
  • HLS for a better mobile listening experience
  • Distribution through our Global Streaming Audio Network
  • Redundant servers with automatic failover
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