Remote Encoder Management

Remotely manage broadcast encoders
across your radio network

Remote configuration and monitoring for Rocket Broadcaster

Save time at scale

Easily configure large deployments of streaming audio encoders from our centralized platform with Rocket Broadcaster and Radio Mast.

Rapidly deploy new stream configurations

Synchronize audio stream configurations from Radio Mast to your Rocket Broadcaster installations, anywhere in the world. Eliminate tedious back-and-forth and error-prone manual setup.

Encrypted and Secure

Rocket Broadcaster establishes a secure 256-bit encrypted link to Radio Mast and encrypts all communication to keep your encoders safe.

No port forwarding, firewall reconfiguration, or NAT traversal required.

Remotely monitor Rocket Broadcaster

Get instant insight into the health of your broadcast encoders.

See the status of all your Rocket Broadcaster installations at a glance.
See the status of all your Rocket Broadcaster installations at a glance.

Encoder Dashboard

Instantly view the status of your Rocket Broadcaster instances, from anywhere in the world:

View Rocket Broadcaster status remotely


Learn more about Remote Encoder Management in our reference documentation.

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