Community Content Policy

Radio Mast believes in radio as a powerful medium to reach vast audiences and support communities. As a technology provider, we are committed to ensuring our platform is a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment for all users. To uphold these values, we strictly prohibit any form of hate speech within our platform and require users to adhere to our Community Content Policy.

The following types of content are prohibited or restricted:


  • Misinformation

    • The use of manipulated, doctored, misattributed, or inaccurate information to mislead or with the risk of serious harm is prohibited.

  • Medical misinformation

    • Content about COVID-19 that poses a significant risk of harm is prohibited.

Spam and Deceptive Practices

Deceptive content is prohibited, including:

  • Spam

  • Impersonation

  • Scams and deceptive practices

  • False engagement

    • Use of the service to fake engagement with a stream is prohibited.

Harmful or Dangerous Content

  • Hate Speech

    • Hate speech is strictly prohibited. Hate speech includes, but is not limited to, any communication that promotes, encourages, or incites discrimination, prejudice, hostility, or violence against individuals or groups based on characteristics such as age, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, caste, victims of a major event, or any other protected status.

    • Also prohibited:

      • Content that discriminates against, degrades, or marginalizes individuals or groups based on their identity.

      • Content dehumanizing individuals or groups

      • Use of racial or religious stereotypes

  • Any content considered hate speech under Canadian law is prohibited.

  • No calls for violence or glorification of violence

    • Content that calls for violence or glorifies violence is prohibited.

  • Harassment or bullying

    • Content that engages in or promotes harassment, intimidation, or threats to others is strictly prohibited.

  • Self harm

    • Content promoting, glorifying, or engaging in self harm is strictly prohibited.

  • Violent criminal organizations

    • Use of this platform by criminal organizations is prohibited.

Sensitive Content

  • Nudity and sexual content is prohibited.

  • Content for children

    • Content targeted at children featuring mature themes not suitable for children is strictly prohibited.

    • Misleading content targeted at children is prohibited.

Illegal Goods

  • Content about the sale or promotion of illegal goods is prohibited

Individuals and organizations that engage in practices that violate these guidelines are prohibited from using Radio Mast and will have their accounts terminated. Acceptable use of the platform is further governed by our Terms of Service. This policy is a living document and is updated on occasion to uphold our values.

Content that violates this policy may be reported to