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Radio Stream Hosting in Frankfurt, Germany

Radio Stream Hosting in Frankfurt, Germany

We're pleased to announce an expansion of our Radio Mast Streaming Network with a new server region available in Frankfurt, Germany.

Our Streaming Network is a global streaming audio CDN providing low-latency live audio delivery to listeners across the globe. Our new Frankfurt region allows broadcasters to reach listeners in Germany throughout Europe with less latency, less dropouts, and higher reliability than ever before.

This new region is automatically used by listeners connecting to any stream hosted on our network. Listeners everywhere are automatically routed to a server in one of our datacenter regions closest to them, to provide optimal delivery.

Broadcasters in or near Germany can also further improve connectivity and reduce latency by connecting to our new ingest servers in the region.

How do I use the Frankfurt ingest server for my stream?

When logged in to your Radio Mast account, select the Radio Stations link at the top of the interface, then click on the stream that you would like to edit.

Choose the Hostname matching the audio ingest server closest to you.

In the Overview tab, use the Hostname drop-down menu to choose between the available servers. Choose the server that is closest to your location. (In this case, Frankfurt, Germany.)

Lastly, when you change servers, you need to update the hostname information in your encoder, and reconnect.

Available Now

Our Frankfurt point-of-presence is now automatically available to all Radio Mast customers, and our global geo-routing will automatic steer nearby listeners to these servers.

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