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Slack Integration for Radio Stream Monitoring

Slack Integration for Radio Stream Monitoring

We are proud to announce a new feature for Radio Mast Stream Monitoring! In addition to receiving your Radio Mast Alerts through email, you can now receive alerts through Slack channels! Slack is a popular collaborative workplace messaging tool. Learn more about Slack.

Follow these simple steps to get your Radio Mast Alerts through Slack:

Step 1) Sign up for Slack

If you are already using Slack, log in to your Slack account. If you are new to Slack, start by signing up for a Slack account.

Step 2) Log in to Radio Mast

Log in to your Radio Mast account, then click the Alerting link at the top of the Radio Mast interface.

Click the Alerting link at the top of your Radio Mast control panel.

Click the ‘Add to Slack’ button in the Integrations section of your Radio Mast Alerting page.

Step 3) Install and select a Slack channel

Select a Slack Workspace (if you have multiple Slack accounts) and a channel within the selected Workspace to receive the Radio Mast notifications. Once you have chosen a Workspace and a channel from the drop-down menu, click the ‘Install’ button.

Click Add to Slack and then the Install button.

Step 4) Confirm your integration

Once installed, you will see the Slack channels listed in your Alert Contacts.

Double check that Slack appears as a new alerting contact.

Just as you can alert multiple email addresses, you can also alert multiple Slack channels. You will also see a notification in your chosen Slack channel that Radio Mast integration has been added:

A Slack notification will appear that you've added the Radio Mast integration to your Slack channel.

Step 5) Add the Slack channel to your Alert policy

You will now need to edit your Alert Policy to send the notifications to the Slack channel. In the Radio Mast interface, select your Alert Policy to edit it.

Ensure you add the new Slack Alert Contact to an existing Alert Policy, otherwise you won't receive notifications.

In the Contacts section, select the Slack channel(s) to receive the notifications, then click the ‘Save Alert Policy’ button.

Step 6) View your Alerts in Slack

View your Slack channel to see the Alerts.

Run a test and check out your notifications in Slack.

If your steam goes down, you can use the ‘View Steam Status’ and ‘Listen’ buttons directly from the Slack channel.