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New for Silence Detection: Recordings

New for Silence Detection: Recordings

This week, we've rolled out a handy little improvement for our silence detector, which alerts you when silence is detect on your online radio stream. Radio Mast now captures a short recording whenever silence is detected, so you can audit it later.

We've found this to be very useful in troubleshooting silence alerts. A recording lets you differentiate between total dead air, versus just the stream's volume being too low. This information can be used to tweak your silence detector thresholds, to reduce false positives. It's also helpful for quickly identifying where in your radio schedule the silence occurred, as our recordings can sometimes catch the tail end of a track before the silence started.

Good information from monitoring systems is key to ensuring alerts are actionable and preventable. With our silence detector now capable of capturing recordings, Radio Mast customers now have another tool to help troubleshoot and prevent downtime of their radio streams.