Enhanced listener statistics for radio

Understand your listeners with geographic and device breakdowns. Get royalty and performance reports in seconds.

Analytics is an optional add-on for Radio Mast Streams.
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Understand your Audience

Find out where your listeners are, how long they're listening for, and what devices they're using. Radio Mast Analytics unlocks advanced statistics about the listeners on your streams.

Geographic Breakdowns

Analyze your listeners by city or country to understand your geographic reach. Second-level breakdowns allow you to further analyze listeners within each region.

Royalty Reports

Export royalty reports with song performance data. Stay compliant with your music licensing arrangements in the US, UK, and Canada.

Report styles include:

  • SoundExchange
  • BMI Music Use Report
  • Re:Sound
  • Data for PPL also available
Read more about royalty reports.

Filter and Drill Down

Analyze listeners in your city, filtered by device to see how your local audience listens. Slice your listener sessions by different dimensions to drill down into your data.

Lightning Fast Reports

Stop waiting hours for reports to generate. Get reports and graphs in seconds for your radio station with Analytics.


Statistics at your Fingertips

Analytics' simple interface lets you access many different statistics, including:

  • Aggregate Tuning Hours (ATH) / Total Listeners Hours (TLH)
  • ATH/TLH by Country, City, and Device
  • ATH/TLH by day
  • Listener sessions by day
  • Listener sessions by Country, City, and Device
  • Average listener session duration
  • Top player devices
  • Filter stats by stream
  • Read more about Radio Mast Analytics


Learn more about Analytics in our reference documentation.

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