Authenticating with the API

To authenticate with the API, HTTP requests should include an API key in the Authorization HTTP header. The API key should be prefixed with the word "Token", as shown:

Authorization: Token 9944b09199c62bcf9418ad846dd0e4bbdfc6ee4b

Here's a complete example of a request to the API using authentication:

curl -H "Authorization: Token 9944b09199c62bcf9418ad846dd0e4bbdfc6ee4b"

    "count": 1,
    "next": null,
    "previous": null,
    "results": [
            "audio_parameters": {
                "bitrate": 128,
                "channels": 2,
                "codec": "MP3",
                "samplerate": 44100
            "listening_url": "",
            "monitoring": {
                "enabled": false,
                "last_tested_at": null,
                "plan": null,
                "silence_detection": false,
                "silence_duration": 15,
                "silence_threshold_db": -60,
                "status": "Pending",
                "uptime_24_hours": "N/A",
                "uptime_30_days": "N/A",
                "uptime_7_days": "N/A"
            "mount": "714f37d7-4110-49dd-b0eb-17c75790d54d",
            "name": "High Quality Stream",
            "password": "<removed>",
            "station": "9066b4fc-1cc2-4475-a365-613ea79107a7",
            "streaming_plan": "100L-192",
            "username": "source",
            "listener_count": 5,
            "uuid": "714f37d7-4110-49dd-b0eb-17c75790d54d"
import requests
import pprint

resp = requests.get("", headers={'Authorization': "Token 9944b09199c62bcf9418ad846dd0e4bbdfc6ee4b"})

{u'count': 10,
 u'next': None,
 u'previous': None,
 u'results': [{u'audio_parameters': {u'bitrate': 128,
                                     u'channels': 2,
                                     u'codec': u'MP3',
                                     u'samplerate': 44100},
               u'listening_url': u'',
               u'monitoring': {u'enabled': False,
                               u'last_tested_at': None,
                               u'plan': None,
                               u'silence_detection': False,
                               u'silence_duration': 15,
                               u'silence_threshold_db': -60,
                               u'status': u'Pending',
                               u'uptime_24_hours': u'N/A',
                               u'uptime_30_days': u'N/A',
                               u'uptime_7_days': u'N/A'},
               u'mount': u'714f37d7-4110-49dd-b0eb-17c75790d54d',
               u'name': u'Second Hosted Stream',
               u'password': u'<removed>>',
               u'station': u'9066b4fc-1cc2-4475-a365-613ea79107a7',
               u'streaming_plan': u'100L-192',
               u'username': u'source',
               u'listener_count': 5,
               u'uuid': u'714f37d7-4110-49dd-b0eb-17c75790d54d'},