Radio Mast Documentation

Welcome to the Radio Mast Documentation!

This documentation is a reference guide to the Radio Mast Platform, and covers our solutions:

Products Description
Streaming Network Scalable internet radio stream hosting
Stream Monitoring Icecast and Shoutcast stream monitoring and alerting
Remote Encoder Management Remotely configure and monitor Rocket Broadcaster installations
Cloud Transcoder Convert streaming audio to different formats in the cloud
API Integrate Radio Mast into your app or website
User Management Share access to your radio station and services with other users or teams.

About Radio Mast

Radio Mast is a streaming audio platform for online radio. Radio Mast offers broadcasters and engineers:

  • Stream Monitoring - Get alerted the minute your online stream goes down. Radio Mast helps you reduce downtime by detecting a variety of issues including streaming server problems and silence.

  • Stability - We used our 10+ years experience in streaming audio to build a stable, scalable platform for radio streaming. Now you can take advantage of it too!

  • Compatibility - The Radio Mast Streaming Network is compatible with nearly every mobile device, and our Stream Monitoring solution is compatible with any Icecast or Shoutcast stream.

  • Easy, Quick Setup - Deploy and configure a new radio stream or transcoder in seconds. Get your next radio stream online ahead of schedule!

About this Documentation

This documentation is intended for broadcast engineers, radio enthusiasts, and developers who are familiar with digital audio. For less experienced users, please visit Radio Mast to learn more about what the platform can do for you.