Streaming Network Service Level Agreement

We know interruptions to your radio stream can disrupt your listenership, so we’ve endeavoured to offer a high level of uptime that lets you be confident you’re being heard online.

As a quick summary:

  • Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) for customers on paid Streaming Network plans guarantees 99.99% monthly uptime (our “Service Level Objective”, or SLO).
  • If we miss our 99.99% uptime target, customers can request a service credit that can be applied to future bills.
Uptime and Downtime for Streaming Network

Downtime is the duration (in minutes) that Radio Mast Streaming Network was unavailable for your radio stream, and is the sum of all Downtime Periods in a month. We use server monitoring to measure our service uptime, error rate, ping time, connectivity, and more, which is used to determine our monthly downtime. Radio Mast Streaming Network is considered available (up) if new listeners can connect to your stream.

Monthly uptime percentage is calculated as the total number of minutes in the month minus the number of minutes of downtime from all downtime periods, divided by the total number of minutes in the month.

A Downtime Period is a continuous period of service unavailability longer than 60 seconds. Intermittent downtime for less than 60 consecutive seconds is not counted towards any Downtime Periods.

Requesting Service Credit

If we miss our 99.99% uptime target (SLO), we’ll refund you 2 times the amount your account paid during the period Radio Mast Streaming Network as down as a “Service Credit”.

To receive a service credit, you must notify Radio Mast Support within 30 days of the downtime, and provide Radio Mast with log files showing the Downtime Periods and the date and time they occurred.

Service Credits cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred. Service Credits are capped at a maximum of 50% of your monthly bill. Any Service Credit received will be drawn from before charging you for your next bill.

Scheduled Downtime

In order to keep Radio Mast Streaming Network running smoothly, sometimes scheduled maintenance is necessary. If downtime is necessary, we’ll notify you at least 48 hours in advance. Our scheduled downtime will not exceed 8 hours in a calendar year.

Performance Issues

Some situations will not count towards downtime, such as:

  • Slowness in establishing connections
  • Delays in statistics processing
  • Problems outside our network, such as connectivity problems between your internet service provider (ISP) and our servers.
  • Encoder issues, such as your encoder being disconnected.
  • Scheduled downtime

The following issues are also excluded by this SLA:

  • Issues caused by factors outside of Radio Mast’s reasonable control.
  • Issues caused by the Customer’s software or hardware, or third party software or hardware, or both. (ie. Software or hardware not within the control of Radio Mast)
  • Issues caused by the Customer reaching or exceeding their plan limits, or account suspension or termination.
  • Issues caused by abuses or other behaviours that violate the Radio Mast Terms of Service.
  • Issues caused by action or inaction by the Customer or a third party.