Technical Details

Filtering out Radio Mast from Reports

Connections from Radio Mast may appear as listener sessions in the logs provided by your streaming provider. If these logs are used to create listener statistics or performance reports, you will likely wish to filter out any sessions that originate from Radio Mast.

When Radio Mast connects to your streaming server to monitor your stream, the HTTP request will always include one of the following User Agents:

  • RocketMonitorBot/1.0 (+
  • rocketmonitor 1.0

We recommend filtering out any listener sessions from user agents starting with RocketMonitorBot or rocketmonitor.

Alternatively, you can filter out listener sessions that originate from IP addresses on our monitoring network:


Note that this IP address list is subject to change.

More Information

For information about the monitoring frequency and other features, please refer to the Stream Monitoring Overview.