Billing Plans and the API

When creating paid resources like Radio Streams or Transcoders with the API, a billing plan must be specified. Each billing plan is uniquely identified by a short "slug" string.

All resources are billed by the hour. For pricing and more information about billing, see Pricing.

This page lists all possible values for the billing plan field, for each resource type:

Radio Streams

The streaming_plan field is deprecated as of September 20th, 2023, with the introduction of Listener Capacity Pools. It is no longer necessary to specify this field when creating streams. Any streaming_plan will be mapped onto the new standard pooled-1 plan.

Both Radio Mast and External Radio Streams can have Stream Monitoring turned on by setting the plan field nested inside monitoring. Possible values for the monitoring plan are:

  • basic - Stream uptime monitoring
  • silence_detection - Stream uptime monitoring and silence detection
  • null - Monitoring will be disabled

For more information on configuring monitoring via the API, please see Monitoring.

Listener Capacity Pools

Listener Capacity Pools do not have an explicit billing plan associated with them, and are instead billed based off the max_listeners and quality chosen when creating the pool.

Questions about pricing? Get in touch and we'd be happy to help.