Radio Mast API

The Radio Mast API allows you to integrate Radio Mast functionality into your app or website.

With the API, you can programmatically:

  • Create new audio streams on the Streaming Network, with capacity to serve thousands of listeners.
  • Monitor audio streams for uptime
  • Check the codec parameters for a stream (codec, bitrate, samplerate, and number of channels)
  • Fetch credentials for configuring and connecting a streaming audio encoder like Rocket Broadcaster, to start broadcasting to a stream.
  • View listener session statistics captured by Analytics, with breakdowns or filtering by country, city, and player.

The API is a REST API that uses token authentication (API keys) via the Authorization header. Responses are JSON-encoded by default, and requests can be made with JSON-encoded or form-encoded data. The API base URL is

All resources are billed by the hour, for a minimum of 1 hour. See Pricing for more details.

The API currently covers the Streaming Network and basic Stream Monitoring functionality. In the future, it will be expanded to cover alerting and Cloud Transcoders.

Ready to dive in?