Stream Monitoring

Radio Mast Stream Monitoring allows you to measure and monitor the uptime of internet radio streams. When a stream experiences an outage and downtime is detected, an email alert is sent to you, followed by another when the stream is restored. Silence can optionally also be detected in streams.

Stream Monitoring is ideal for terrestrial broadcast or internet radio stations that need to alert staff when their stations or streams go off air. Stream Monitoring can also be useful for checking if stream uptime is meeting a service-level agreement (SLA) from your streaming provider.


  • 1 minute check intervals and accuracy.
  • Email, Slack, and PagerDuty alerting.
  • 24 hour, 7 day, and 30 day cumulative stream uptime measurements.
  • Alerting Policies, with adjustable sensitivity: Control how much downtime to allow before alerting you.
  • Combine Alerting Policies to alert different people for different amounts of downtime: Automatic escalation of Alerts without manual intervention.
  • Alert multiple contacts on an outage.
  • Silence detection - Alerts if 10 seconds of silence is detected within a 1 minute period. (configurable)
  • Diagnosis - Failed monitoring checks include test details so that you know what went wrong.
  • Event history - See up to 3 previous months of uptime history.
  • Integrations:

About Uptime

Radio Mast uses the following criteria to determine if your stream is broadcasting correctly:

  • New listeners must be able to connect to your stream.
  • No more than 10 consecutive seconds of silence must be heard. (Optional)

Uptime is the percentage of time that your stream satisfies these criteria. Since streams are checked once per minute, uptime is determined with up to 1 minute precision.

If Radio Mast detects silence or is unable to connect to your stream, a "down" event is created and email alerts are sent out according to any Alerting Policies you have configured.


The above uptime criteria provide a robust way to reproducibly determine if an internet radio stream is up. However, this approach is limited to a resolution of 1 minute. In other words, downtime of less than 1 minute may not be detected.


Radio Mast Stream Monitoring is compatible with any streaming server that provides HTTP or ICY streams, and is tested with:

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