Extended Metadata

Extended Metadata for Radio Mast Streams allows you to provide extra track metadata in your stream beyond the traditional Artist - Title metadata, such as Label, Year, or ISRC.

Extended Metadata is required to complete some types of performance reports in Analytics.

Enabling Extended Metadata

Extended Metadata has the following requirements:

  • Rocket Broadcaster Pro version 1.3.15 or greater.
  • Rocket Broadcaster Pro must be configured to capture metadata from your radio automation software.
  • The metadata from your radio automation software must be in XML or similar structured format, which has more than just artist and title fields.

Extended Metadata is automatically enabled if it is present in Rocket Broadcaster Pro when connecting to Radio Mast streams.

Rocket Broadcaster Pro is able to capture metadata from the following metadata formats:

  • iMediaTouch (XML, LMIV)
  • WideOrbit Automation for Radio (XML)
  • The Radio Experience (XML)
  • RCS Nexgen (XML)
  • Radio Boss (XML)
  • RCS Zetta (XML)
  • Audisi GML (XML)
  • Enco DAD (XML)
  • RCS Master Control
  • Dinesat Pro Radio (XML)
  • And more...

Read on for a complete list of metadata formats supported by Rocket Broadcaster Pro.

Verifying Extended Metadata

Coming soon.