Radio Mast can automatically alert you when there's a problem with your internet radio stream. When that happens, your Alert Contacts are notified according to your Alert Policies. These are explained below.

To get started, click Alerting at the top of the Radio Mast interface after logging into your account.

Alert Policies

An Alert Policy is a set of rules that determine what triggers an Alert, and who to contact if there are issues. An Alert Policy consists of the following options:

  • Name - A nickname for the Alert Policy.
  • Apply to - Allows you to apply a policy to individual stations.
    • "All Stations" - The policy will apply to all stations on your account.
    • "Choose Stations" - The policy will apply to only the stations you select.
  • Alert when - Conditions under which Alerts will be generated.
    • "any stream is down" - An Alert will trigger when any stream is down on the selected stations.
    • "all streams are down" - An Alert will only trigger if all the streams on a station are down.
  • Sensitivity - Allows you to customize how many minutes downtime to allow before an Alert is triggered. This is useful if you only want to be notified about significant lengths of downtime that might require a manual intervention.
  • Contacts - Who to email when an alert is triggered. Radio Mast also offers integration with Slack. You will see your integrated Slack channels listed here as well. Read more about Slack integration here.

Alert Contacts

An Alert Contact is a person or computer to contact when a stream is down. Radio Mast supports various types of contact so that you can notify people in different ways:


An Email Alert Contact consists of a name and email address. When you add a new email contact, a verification email is sent, and the recipient must click the verification link inside that email before they can receive Alerts from Radio Mast.


Radio Mast can message a person or channel on Slack when a radio stream is down.

Slack channels are also listed under Alert Contacts if you are using the Radio Mast Slack integration.


Radio Mast can send an HTTP POST request to an external website when a stream is down, so that you create your own custom Radio Mast integration.

Read the full details about webhook alerting.

Advanced Alerting and Escalation

Radio Mast's Alert Policies and Alert Contacts allow you to build powerful rules that contact the right staff at your radio station at the right time. Since multiple policies can be applied to each station, they can be combined to create even more intelligent policies.

For example, you can create one Alert Policy that instantly notifies your junior staff of any stream downtime. By adding a second policy, you can opt to notify your senior staff if any downtime persists for longer than 2 hours. This allows you to automatically escalate Alerts without manual intervention.